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Collaborate and ship designs faster

Work on files together in real-time, and  review and get feedback without the back and forth.

Produce more ads without spending more time
Get notified about comments and  status updates
Have one single source of truth for all  design

Build impactful creatives easily

Track all changes made in a glance, add sticky notes and get the best minds on your team to work together.

“Collab helps us to organize our work professionally and effectively”
Robert Mayar  -  Founder of Airbnb

Get access to premium licensed videos, photos and gifs

Access a library of icons, videos, photos and gifs by the best creators in the world in one centralized place for all design needs for your entire team.

Billing software that doesn't suck

Extremely flexible platform

Complex pricing and contracts handled seamlessly - subscriptions, usage based, discounts, credits, amendments etc

Usage data metering

Meter high throughput usage data, forecast usage & spend, and configure alerts

Accounting & Receivables

Automate revenue accounting, view KPIs and set up dunning workflows

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Apurv Bansal


Saurabh Agrawal


Apurv Bansal


Saurabh Agrawal


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